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Manx style Class 1 /pre runner/Class 10

2023 Class 1 Offroad Manx$110,000.00 OBO
For Sale

Orange County, CA
  (2) Michael A Brown   Private Message
 (907)727-0901   (907)727-0901
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This is a freshly built Car. We have set this up as a Class 1 or a Class 10 car. It currently has an LS3 installed mated to a Mendeola 5 speed sequential. If Class 1 is not what you want, the car is set up perfectly to accept an ecotec for Class 10. We have the separate tire and wheels to move down to Class 10. Text or Call anytime.
525 HP GM LS3 engine with redundant computers
Motor built by Moruzzi Race Motors
Mendeola S4 sequentional transaxle
Pro Am 934 CV joints and
PPM 33 spline 300M axles + 1 spare mounted on car
Wicked Creations front A arm bulkhead suspension and
rear trailing arms
Fortin 2.5” wide spread power rack and pinion unit
CNC brake, clutch, and turning brake units
Momo steering wheel with sweet mfg. quick release mount
Complete race spec wiring performed by Jonny Lightening
King 2.0” dual rate coilovers front and rear
King 2.5” front 3.0” rear bypass shocks
CBR radiator and engine oil cooler
Dual UMP long super filter air intake system
PCI 110 watt radio with remote head unit
PCI Com link x elite intercom system
Lowrance gps unit
SCORE race legal chassis tagged
BFG KDR2+ 35x12.50x15 tires x 5
Method 103 Beadlock 15x7 wheels x 5
Dirt bags impact gun bag + tool bag + wedge style bags
Super strap 2” x 25’ tow strap
Beard race seats with Crow 5 point harness
Fuel safe fuel cell
Dual yellow top optima batteries with selector switch
Front: *All front shocks are King Performance series
2.5” x 12” 3 tube piggy back reservoir bypass internal hard stop 11”
2.0” x 10” hose remote dual rate coilover internal hard stop 8”
2.5” x 7” x 200 / 2.5” x 12” x 400 spring rate
1” total preload. Ride height set on secondary nuts
7” showing on bypass at ride height
150 psi in coilovers and bypass
19.5” ground clearance where bulkhead meets tube chassis
Rear: *Coilovers are King Perforance series. Bypass are Race series
3.0” x 16” 5 tube piggy back reservoir bypass internal hard stop 15.5”
2.0” x 14” hose remote dual rate coilover internal hard stop 14.5”
2.5” x 14” x 450 / 2.5” x 16” x 400 spring rate
2.875” total preload. Secondary nuts ran all the way up, not being used
12.750” showing on bypass at ride height
150 psi in coilovers and bypass
17” ground clearance lowest point under trans.

CV / Axle angle: 23* when limited on bypass shock internal stop

22* when limited on limit strap

28” Axle length 33 spline
This is one bad car. We kept the LS3 at stock hp. to keep it reliable. We have not weighed it yet but are pretty sure we are between 3500-3800 lbs. The car was at the dyno producing around 400 hp at 5500 rpm. Plenty of power to weight ratio. This car will work well as a pre runner , Class 1 , or a class 10 car.
I can make sure anyone interested can put hands on. I do live in Alaska, and have no problem meeting a serious buyer.

    Off Road Race Vehicles   Listing #197207   Posted: May 25 Expires: Apr 08