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Jeep Cherokee 1986

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1986 Jeep Cherokee$19,500.00 OBO
For Sale

Alpine, CA

1986 Factory Jeep Diesel (came with a Renault 2.1 diesel) I swapped it out for a 3.3BT Cummins Turbocharged Diesel.
The 3.3 turbo Cummins- was rebuilt at Cummins factory in Ohio. The engine currently has approximately 40K miles on it.
This engine is better balanced and more efficient than the commonly known 4BT and it is 270 pounds lighter.
The 3.3BT fits well in a Cherokee allowing more wheel travel.

There is no computer, fuel is managed by a modern designed mechanical fuel injection system.
It was designed by Cummins to be efficient, it has no glow plugs, the fuel flows with one wire to a solenoid then it runs with the touch of the starter, or a bump start.
This engine came originally in forklifts, Cummins or any Diesel mechanic is right at home working on this engine platform.

The compression is mechanically high and its apparent from the snappy throttle response feel this on this recent build.
It does not smoke during idle or holding a pace on the freeway.
It has 285 FT Lbs. of Torque/ 85 Horsepower.
Very little diesel smoke, none visible at idle, small amount visible under light medium or even long hard pulls on freeway grades.

It always gets 19-21 Miles per gallon, essentially drive it hard or easy still gets 19.5 MPG.
It has been through "Hells Revenge" in Moab, "Fins and Things", It has been in stop and go traffic to LA and back as a commuter.
The Core support was changed to a 2nd Gen for ease of using a factory style radiator and fans and a larger radiator than needed, with 3 fans electronically controlled, it runs constantly at 192 degrees.
Borla Stainless steel exhaust.

Accelerates to 75MPH, Cruises comfortably at 65MPH.
My experience is with 85 Horsepower, there are times when going up a grade and merging into freeway traffic can be challenging. That’s the only area this Jeep lacks is crazy acceleration but it so worth the tradeoff… BUT ..It makes cool diesel noises and shakes like a diesel truck should at stop lights.
Clayton 6 inch long arm suspension, professional custom fabrication strengthened and designed to mate with the Wrangler transmission (Delrin insulted bushing).
4.10 Gearing, Speedo adapter corrected/geared for tire size by M.I.T Driveline.
Dana 44 rear with disc brake conversion emergency cable connected.
Eaton locker in the rear installed by Current Auto Performance.
Front axle is Dana 30 with vacuum disconnect replaced with cable activation with controls mounted under dash by Pro Gear driveline.
Currie Steering arm
Front Sway bar quick disconnects
XRC 9000 pound winch with remote and nylon.

The Jeep Cherokee chassis has 298K miles on it with no signs of a collision, ever. It is rust free, yes there was one small area that I fixed in the floorboard.
Transmission is a 2006 Wrangler 6 SPD, matching hydralic master and slave clutch cylinder.
Kennedy made adapter plate that mates the Wrangler 6 speed to the diesel.

Essentially has a frame now with Lots of frame stiffening and platting. Sliders and all underplating custom built/overbuilt by Dave Forbis. The stiffening was extended up into the engine compartment and across the front. You could lift the car by the front bumper ring if you wanted.
Hatch/Storage takes the place of the window behind the driver door.
Inside the locking aluminum hatch/cargo/storage box is a quick disconnect fire extinguisher a Hi-lift Jack, a vacuum pump, U.S army shovel, tiedowns and room to spare for more equipment.

BFG KO's ,33's with 2 matching spares. Wheels (all 6) have stiffener beads not bead locks (street legal).

Hydra Boost braking system – big upgrade- runs off the power steering pump, brake feel is proper and locks all four if needed, installed by M.I.T.

Body armour:
Front DirtBound fenders were the start of the armor.
They did not make matching rear armour for the 2 DR at the time of this build. I built them with specific design requirements in mind, I worked directly with two fabrication shops and Direct Sheetmetal to have the Armor built and waterjet cut for the Cummins logo on the front fenders and accessories for the grab handles.
Body protection was added at the lower edges of the rear rockers, these are overbuilt with a removable section designed into the drive side.
Integrated factory rear receiver hitch that doubles as a bumper guard (see build thread).
Fuel tank skid plate, integrated into the hitch mount and full coverage protecting the fuel tank.
Under armor for belly protection at trans and between frame rails and rockers.
Additional info:
I built this intending to keep it, no corners were cut. Nothing on this Jeep “Just Happened”
*3 Seats the center rear fits a 6-4” adult no problems. The 3rd seat is centered and uses a matching Jeep factory front bucket seat (Super comfortable, so I never changed any of them out.).
*Drives straight/stops straight/suspension is tight.
*Runs Cool with oversized radiator and 3 shrouded high volume Spal fans thermostatically controlled, with dependable “in-the fluid” thermostat, on-off switch.
*Self-contained for off road. 2 spare tires.
*Air down or up as needed with a on board ARB Compressor
*Full Battery Electronic disconnect “BUSS” near driver.
*Extreme GEL Battery
*Rear 3rd brake light built into the roof rack, led lighting for front and to the rear for backing.
*The rook rack is aluminum, it attaches to the factory roof rails (not the drip rails) made strong in 1986. All the stainless and brightwork is in like new condition and was polished during original build, still shines nice.
*Whytner makes the “cooler”, it is a narrow and tall freezer/refrigerator/cooler (works amazing) with built in battery monitor and shut off at your preset voltage to protect from draining the battery.
*Storage racks for tool boxes behind 3rd seat.

*The rear tire carrier is a great factory style with added support and strength.
*The 6SPD 2006 Wrangler manual Transmission has a low first gear, when coupled with the 4WD low option in the transfer case, then you add the 285-foot pounds of torque of this Cummins Diesel, the performance of this rig off road is amazing.

This is not a cream puff but it has been taken care of. I have used it but I am not a serious off-road pounder, never done anything extreme over boulders.
In Moab it seemed, almost effortless with just a bit of throttle to bring the power above idle. Glamis: It has been through the Dunes at Glamis and does amazing, I never once had a moment of worry while dunning it in soft sand even with the extra weight up front.

I searched 4 years to find this type of vehicle to start my factory diesel dream build. If you have ever actually built something like this you will understand. Most people have not built something like this, and I do not expect those to understand. Of course, I do expect a lot of un-informed bolt on types, to do their best to explain why they think “this is too expensive”. Nothing, NOTHING on this build was just bought and bolted on, this is a custom fabrication build, it works.

PREPPERS: If there was an Electromagnetic Pulse attack or a heavy EMP flare up from the sun - this would be one of the last vehicles moving on earth because there is no computer to fry.
It does not have glow plugs (nothing to fail or maintain).
I will not be affected by an EMP strike. Why? No Computer to disable

Potential negatives:
There are many details I have not included, many of which have been done and are not yet included. This build is not completely finished, it is a little rough around the edges in the cosmetic department, pictures should explain and I am glad to give full details and pictures of what it would take to make it tidy and pretty if that is your thing.
It has "Vintage Air" air condenser/Pump and all the major components for A/C, AND it needs to be finished.

When you stop anywhere you are going to get people admiring and asking questions so you have that problem to deal with as the new owner.

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