2015 DCSB Toyota Tacoma 4x4 supercharged Long travel

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2015 Toyota Tacoma$65,000.00 OBO
For Sale

San Diego, CA

The truck bone stock on blue book is now at 30k. For 50k you get the platform (supercharged engine, original interior with wet okole seats, custom suspension, Rack, Bumpers and skid plates, snorkel etc...without all the goodies (No ARBs, no awnings, water tank, fuel tanks, lights, solar/battery bank, air compressor, lights, max trax. If you want it all you'll pay 65k

Vehicle Mods:
Magnusson Super charger with Bullydog computer.
Upgraded Navigation chip that has all roads of Baja (even dirt)
Yaesu CB Radio
Weathertech mats front and back.
Wet okole seat covers front and rear. I still have the rear seats. Pictured you can see I took them out and built a wood platform that I freshly re carpeted. I still have factory plastic cubby for hidden compartment underneath the platform with all hardware and seat belts etc.
I have installed the smitty built version of the blue ridge overland gear slip over seat covers with molle pouches etc.
I also have two smitty built storage slips over the two front visors.
I have the Blue Ridge Overland toyota tacoma attic in the cabin and I installed the 4runner attic in the shell for my gear (see pictures).
To cover the power bank/electrical and the Renogy Rover 40amp MPPT charge controller with bluetooth I hang two aluminum collapsable camp tables that can work perfectly fine as back rests. (from REI)
As for the power bank:
-two Northstar NSB-AGM24M Batteries (also one under the hood for 3 total)
-140A NOCO battery isolator.
-powered by two 100w sun power flex panels on roof of shell (see photos)
That batteries are connected to the isolator so when the truck is running batteries are being charged (but never over charged) The solar works phenomenal. I have left the Fridge and freezer on for two months straight no issues. If its cloudy for maybe 5 days then I would start the truck and let it run for 30 mins a day just in case. Batteries have never gone below 12.5V or 80%.
The electrical system is run with two thermal circuit breakers and a pure sign fuse board. Never had to replace a fuse! I manage and observe my power through the APP on my cellphone Renogy provides.
-This power bank supplies power to two baja designs light bars (OnX6+ Racer edition 20" and a 10" with amber lens)
- 4 Baja Design squadron pros. Two in the front angled out for corners and two in rear bumper.
- 2 Baja Design S2 pros located under on both sides of truck on luggage rack underneath each ARB awning for lighting up the kitchen, setting up shop, helping Cameron steele change a tire on the 16, or fueling up Colton Udall at RM 100!
*The 40" KC Hilite bar on roof rack is powered by battery under hood.
-ARB dual air compressor located in back in shell
- 2 ARB Fridge/Freezers (one 85 and one 50)
- Water pump for the custom 10 gallon water tank located behind spare tire and under the two 4 gallon rotopax. Easy fill and quick disconnect attachment located on outside of shell for no hassle easy to use potable water at your finger tips.

I have attached photos of of the gear hammock with and without my gear in back to show how I utilize the space. Please not I have everything I need to be mobile and on the road ready to campo/mob. Probably more gear then i need. Also my recovery gear and tools.
Truck comes with a Pro Eagle two ton long travel big wheel jack. Custom mounting bracket and aluminum shelf for storage above. Behind the jack and under the shelf I have my tool wraps.
The spare tire is full-size toyo RT and is attached ti custom plate on the cross member for long travel kit in rear. Easy to get out. Pull out the fridge freezers which are fin a slide. Undo the lugs to free tire and slide tire out side window shell. Yes you have to be in the back behind the pulled out fridge freezer and its not hard at all.
On the tailgate I took off the original fiber glass and riveted cutting boards on piano hinge for storage un the tail ate. Yes a little excessive but hey, more storage the better?
I still have OG fiberglass cover.
I also still have the OG side window that do not open for the shell.

Now for the outside.
Custom snorkel
On the roof I have 4 MaxTrax that im not sure will come with the truck yet.
One Pelican waterproof rifle case.
Two ARB awning one on each side of truck. I have one wind pitch and a 4 wall bug net for the awnings.
all attached to my baja rack. Also two self retracting ratchet straps.
One the shell I have two yakima cross bars for boards etc. protecting the Solar panels.
Also the antennae for my radio.

As for suspension etc.
King long travel coil overs all around.
Brand new 700lb Coils on front and just rebuilt them.
Built right upper and lower Arms with straps.
King Bump stops on rear.
Custom dealer leaf pack for the weight in back.
Custom sway bars.
Rear shock towers do come up into the shell. with the help of a buddy I made flexible fiberglass covers to enclose the shell for dust. They are a little ugly but do the trick.
The entire underbelly up the truck including gas tank and diff have RCI skid plates.
Both front and rear bumpers custom.
New custom front skid plate (not pictured)
Rock sliders
New Toyo RT's all around, except the spare.
Custom fibre works fender flares
The placement of everything in the bed along with the custom built back end of truck has been quite the process to create a suspension system that can work perfectly with all the weight. Everything is there for a reason. Obviously one can change things up to their standards but I built this truck to go fast.
On that note. I have obviously taken it off road but I have not beat the shit out of it at all. Lots of testing to make sure suspension works just right to do so but I have babied this truck because I bought it basically brand new bone stock off the lot. (my first new vehicle) After every trip I salt away, scrub, degrease (and re-grease where needed, like the poly bushings etc.) I clean her once a week and have waxed it every two months. I am OCD.
The truck has 130k on it. Almost all highway miles as I drive down to cabo a lot.
I want another project and I am entertaining the idea. I am open to trade.

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