☆SOLD☆ 1994 Ford Bronco, 5.8, e4od, Manual Transfer Case - Completely Gone Through,

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1994 Ford Bronco$38,500.00
For Sale

Anaheim Hills, CA

☆ SOLD☆ 1994 Ford Bronco
I looked for six months for an Opal colored, 5.8L. V8, with a manual transfer case and manual hubs. I found one without rust or other damage. The Bronco had 269,000 original miles, but it had a clean body and interior and had been maintained. I planned on replacing most of the vehicle in the restoration process anyway.
I proceeded to spend the next four 4 years building/restoring the Bronco.
I wanted to build a vehicle to safely and reliably take my wife and I to remote locations comfortably. We remove the back seat prior to our exploration adventures. There is a rudimentary plywood base that fills in the rear seat floor footwell. You can then fit a full-size mattress, air mattress or self-inflating mattress, what we used, in the back. There are two 2 flashlights mounted on the B pillar for easy access. The passenger seat moves all the way to the dash to provide easy access from the front or you can simply get in from the back tailgate. The OBS Fords are known for not having a grab handle to aid passengers from getting into the vehicle. We solved this by adding a handle that travels the entire A -Pillar over the opening to aid in getting in the vehicle and as a grab handle while off roading. The handle was covered in a gray leather with leather lacing through metal eyelets for a finished feel and look. The rear window has a custom switch in the back to raise and lower the window without the need for the car to be on accessory or use the key from the outside. The front side windows have a custom 4” screen which can be inserted to allow cross breeze without worrying about bugs and or critters. The rear tailgate also has a rear handle that attaches to the tailgate to aid in closing it from the inside.
The interior is in great shape and incredibly comfortable over long drives. The Mastercraft Baja RS seats are a reclining suspension seat designed to support the body and absorb the typical punishment which occurs while off-roading. The Tuffy center console is a comfortable armrest, and a very secure locking storage area. There is also a custom installed zippered molle pouch to keep important items organized and readily available. The electronics have been replaced to include a Kenwood head unit with Bluetooth and interfaces with the various providers such as Spotify. The speakers were also upgraded. There is a Viper programmable alarm, GPS tracking; which allows loved ones to monitor your journey via the internet. It also serves as a valuable, instantaneous tracking device in case the vehicle is stolen. The interior was restored with new NOS dash pad and ac vents.
The suspension was completely replaced with rebuilt axles, Please see below for full listing, Desolate Motorsports suspension, which is second to none. The front suspension is as far as I could push it without an engine cage. Engine cages are fantastic for the installation of coilover shocks and the performance they return, but for an overland/camping vehicle the custom Desolate Motorsports buckets provide an amazing amount of travel and excellent feedback while not interfering at all with the inner fender wells or electrical systems. It also makes a maintenance issue as easy as a factory vehicle in the engine compartment. The rear suspension is the highly acclaimed Desolate Motorsports high shock mount system utilizing Deaver leaf springs and King triple bypass shocks; and Desolate’s amazing, linked torsion sway bar, which provides the prefect balance of control and flex. Please reference the table below for a detailed item listing of the suspension.
The drivetrain was scrutinized before I started in on the restoration. First and foremost was reliability and ease for repair. Though an engine transplant or high-performance set-up was intriguing, I was concerned with reliability and finding the appropriate parts in far away places. The 5.8l. was placed into nearly 3 million Ford trucks between 1992 -1997. This ensures that almost anywhere you take this Bronco you will be able to find parts for it. Therefore, the engine was replaced with a factory rated ATK 5.8 engine with a great warranty. The transmission and all of its components were rebuilt or replaced with hardened parts rated to handle 600 HP; this ensures the transmission will not be taxed by the factory rated motor. The transfer case was opened and showed no wear, so it was reinstalled in the Bronco. All accessories and electrical components were replaced to ensure new truck reliability. Aftermarket upgrades were kept to a minimum, but the cooling system, header and steering was upgraded for reliability and to ensure strength and protection when off roading. The vehicle was diligently broken in and had all the proper fluid changes. Please reference below for a full list of everything that was replaced in the drivetrain.
The body was very clean. There was no rust and minimal body damage. The body had minimal repair, blocked, primed and painted. I had two 2 gallons of clear sprayed to ensure the paint could endure years of buffing off trail scratches from brush. This is not a Maico or One Day paint job.
There is always the question of what is wrong with the vehicle and why are you selling it? There is nothing wrong with the Bronco and it needs absolutely nothing, but there are a few items on my wish list:
1. Front tow hooks. I have late model tow F250 tow hooks with Grade 8 hardware. A frame cross brace needs to be fabricated and installed.
2. Brake upgrade. The front brakes still have over 50% left. When they are ready to be replaced, I was going to install an EBC Stage 9 brake upgrade.
3. More Power. Once the engine warranty was over, I was going to install a supercharger on top of the engine to stay smog compliant but provide a little more performance.
Why am I selling? My wife and I built this Bronco to remember our first Bronco adventures when we were first married 30 years ago. Unfortunately, a medical condition has appeared in the last few years which is greatly aggravated by off roading. We have only enjoyed the Bronco a few times together. What I have learned in 30 years of marriage is that one needs to adapt and welcome the good with the bad. We will start a new adventure with less impact. We built this to endure trips to Alaska and Canada without hiccup. Hopefully, the buyer will get the most out of this Bronco. It is truly turnkey and incredibly capable at a price that is cheaper than any new vehicle with the same capabilities, and the Bronco is forecasted to increase in value.
The Bronco has been featured on multiple websites for marketing purposes like Protofab and Import Graphics, and it was chosen for an educational video by Meguiar’s.
All of the work was performed within the last 8,000 miles. This is as close as you can get to a new Bronco.

Rebuilt transmission 600HP capable, new valve body, solenoid packs, set code converter, torque converter, neutral switch, safety switch, gear shift select. INSTALLED $3,357.80
High torque starter, idle air control valve, Throttle position sensor, new battery terminal wiring, Engine control management computer $1,061.03
Magnaflow Muffler and dump pipe $180
Bassani Custom Headers $626.39
Remflex Copper header gaskets $49.45
New exhaust collectors $171.60
Ignition wires $250
FlowKooler water Pump, new studs, bolts, thermostat INSTALLED $562.65
New ATK 5.8 motor, motor mounts, lower radiator hose, bypass hose, lower radiator hose, upper radiator hose, idler pulley, belt, belt tensioner, spark plugs, PCV valve, hose clamps, power steering pump, custom power steering pump cooler, AC compressor, AC accumulator, oil pan gasket, oil pump screen, harmonic balancer and assembly, balanced rear driveshaft, ignition coil. Custom paint. INSTALLED $6,066.58
Redhead steering box $332.28
Ford Motorcraft Fuel pump, Solo access panel, new fuel lines and safety wired. INSTALLED $835.24
Battery 72 month $151.81
Replace rear brakes and power flush $132.22
Parts $12,325.50
Labor Included
Subtotal $12,325.50

Rebuild front and rear axles – 4.56 gears, chromoly shafts, bearing kits, spicer, Trac-lock, Warn Premium hubs, Desolate Truss, billet cap, Desolate ball joint kits, Sta-Lube. INSTALLED $3,287.18
Desolate Custom front coil buckets, King 2.5” shocks, limit straps, Desolate high clearance arms, custom coils, pitman arm, brake lines, perches 3,827.51
Desolate Rear suspension: Upper and lower shock mount, King triple bypass shocks, Deaver Q85 springs, axle perches, Desolate hangers, shackles, sway bar, urethane bushings, bump stops, U-bolts. $5,831.99
Parts $12,946.68
Labor $5,000
Subtotal $17,946.68

Drivers door wiring harness $125
Passenger A-pillar panel $42.80
Front and custom rear headliner INSTALLED $650
Carpeting and padding INSTSALLED $350
Desolate dash brace $43.60
Custom rear window wiring to raise and lower window when in the back – two relays, switch and wiring $65
Viper alarm, Skynet GPS, Kenwood head unit with Bluetooth, new speakers, amp cabling, no amp, INSTALLED $900
Master Craft Baja RS front seats with DirtSports package and lumbar $1,423.44
Tuffy Center Console $297
Center console bag $32.35
Flashlights $30.34
LED lights $21.03
New Light bezels $54.92
Leather Steering wheel wrap $50
Phone mount $16.19
NOS Dash pad $268.92
NOS HVAC vents 129.56
Chrome Fire Extinguisher 131.75
Custom Passenger side a-pillar grab handle – leather wrapped $150
L-Track Adjustable tiedown system $186.62
NOS turn signal stalk $59.40
OBS Solutions Door reinforcements $42.35
Door switches $9.72
Parts $5,079.99
Labor 13.5 hours x $100 hourly rate $1,350
Subtotal $6,429.99

New headlight and turn signals $76.11
Headlight bezel and grille $62.90
Strobe lights behind grille $11.96
Door strikers $7.55
Method NV Wheels and BFG KO2s 35 x 12.5 x 17 $2,401.92
Protofab Rear bumper, spare tire carrier and Jerry can holder with shipping and powder coating $1,905.08
Flag decals $172.74
Window tint – remove old tint, new tint and sunshade $350
Body and Paint – Removed all dents and trail scrapes, fill, block, primer and paint factory Opal color, two (2) gallons of clear $9,500
Desolate Roof Rack with ARB Awning $907.19
Desolate Custom front bumper $107.95
GG Lighting Rear Dust light $48.60
NOS emblems Front and sides – Impossible to find sides 149.90
Desolate Gas tank Skid plate $329.99
Jerry Can $43.19
Tailgate rubber gaskets, top and bottom and sweeps $212.32
Parts $16,287.40
Labor 10 hours x $100 $1,000
Subtotal $17,287.40

Basic, clean Bronco $7,000
Drivetrain Total $12,325.50
Suspension Total $17,946.68
Interior Total $6,429.99
Exterior Total 17,287.40
Grand Total $60,989.57

Let me know if you have any questions.
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