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1978 Ford  F150$5500.00
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Yorba Linda, CA


1973 F150 Stepside Pre-Runner/Race Truck. I'm "always" looking for more info on this truck. Truck is currently at a storage facility in Apple Valley, CA.

Update 03/18/21: The hood, front fenders are fiberglass. Side door are the factory steel door skins. Bed is aluminum sides w/ fiberglass fenders. Someone had spent a lot of money on the fabrication on this truck. It would make a great vintage racer.

Update 03/22/20 - I was contacted by a gentleman who had helped build this truck and was able to provide some much needed information. I was informed on 03/19/20 that this truck was built at Reno Sheet Metal, Los Angeles, CA in the 80's as pre-runner for Danny Brown of Reseda, CA. Original color was a Ford light/pale blue. The gentleman stated, "truck was never raced by us. It was used as a pre-runner". The rear custom widened fenders/molds were made at Reno sheet-metal in North Hollywood and the person that molded those fenders up was Ed Horst of abstract fiberglass in Reseda. He went on to state, "As far as I know we never let anybody else use the molds". the original motor was a 302 with a C6 transmission. *I did some online research in an attempt to reach out to Reno Sheet Metal. All phone numbers have been disconnected. ***NOTE - Truck had more than one owner - Truck went from a 351w to a 302 at one point.

10/18/20 - The completed race-truck in the pic is the big brother truck to the one for sale.

Update 03/02/21 - I made contact with the original owner/builder/race, Mr. Dan Brown. He confirmed with me that the truck had a 351 Windsor (300-325 hp) w/ a C6 Transmission with an cast iron tail cone not aluminum. Truck had 3 shocks per wheel. The truck had been heavily modified since his ownership. It had full doors, not the just the door skins it now has. The radiator was located upfront with the trans cooler in the rear. The truck had all its windows with A/C. Rear fenders are one-off which were made by Abstract Fiberglass (Ed Holts), located in Reseda, CA. Bed is aluminum. The rear axel is of a NASCAR set-up (still on the truck - ford 9" with 3/4 ton bearing, 31 spline, 5/8 studs). The truck cab is a 1973/ chassis with 78' grill. Truck had power steering & power brakes. Truck was painted a light powder blue which was found on the early Ford Bronco's. Seats were Master-Craft. Cost to build in 81'-82' was approx. $15k back in the day. I have a heavy duty C6 trans which I just picked up last weekend (03/14/21) - it came out of a Ford Mach 1 Mustang – big block - very strong w/ ribbed case. *The trans has the aluminum tail section....however, Mr. Brown used an "cast Iron" tail section for better strength. The cage was painted black. The 15” aluminum rims on the truck now are original to his build. NOTE: The rear scoop/wing has recently been ID'd to be a match to Ivan Stewarts race truck Toyota of the mid 80s...as well as the front nerf bar *Unfortunately, I'm unable to post pics of that truck as I do not have the rights to the pics. *The scoop was acquired possibly after Mr. Browns ownership. *The pics of the scoop bear an uncanny exact likeness to the one on Ivan's truck which was used for 1 season. *I'm currently in the process of trying to obtain an early 69 351 Windsor as I've read, they are more sought after of the years the Windsor was produced. *I'd like to again reiterate....the truck has had another owner after Dan Brown. The truck appears to have been setup as a short course race truck.

Update 06/19/21 - Custom Art work / rendering of truck provided Rory Ward - The truck was approx this color.

Update 06/21/21 - I'm picking up a 69' 351 Windsor complete engine for this truck tomorrow - which would have been correct per original builder, Dan Brown.

Update 06/22/21 - 69' Windsor is complete with A/C, power steering, brake pumps.

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