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Kreger Fabrication Class 10 Class 1000 2.4DI/Fortin

Ogden, UT$100,000.00 OBO
For Sale

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Kreger Fabrication Class 10 Race Car for Sale

Partial Financing Available
Wiks racing 2.4 DI only 600 miles on engine, currently on E85
Fortin sequential 6 speed, no lift shift available, fresh rebuilt unit just built by Folts transmission
Only 100 shakedown miles after full prep done by Derek Kreger himself
Have 6 full spare wheels and tires
Have 1 sealed 55 gallon drum of E85 with car

What we have here is a race car that was so far ahead of its time in 2012 that even the best Class 10
race car fabricators are yet to matchup in 2022.
This incredible Class 10 race car has all the goodies on it. I purchased it as a used car in 2016, and even
though it was Fabricated in 2012 the car sat in the original owners garage, was never raced once, and
the only miles it had on it at the time was the original shake down after the 2012 fabrication. 2016 was
the first time this car ever raced, and I raced it in the 2016 Baja 1000. We all know that a good race car is
a good race car forever and age is often irrelevant, as long as it carries the latest and greatest racing
technology, which it has, and I’ll list anything and everything you will want to know below… so please
read the entire add, and look through all the pictures before you call about the car.
Everyone seems to know what a Kreger Car is, and everyone always says a Kreger Car is one of the best
made race cars money can buy. As such, Kreger Cars are widely known to be one of the top class 1 and
Class 10 brands in the desert. Whenever there are Kreger cars racing you constantly see them all in the
top 5 of a race, if not in the top 3. This is impressive and says a lot about the car as there aren’t a ton of
them out there, and there are even less that are actually racing. Last time we raced a full season was in
2018, and 2 Kreger Cars were in the top 3 for the Points that year… My Kreger and Peter Hajas Kreger
I own a couple Kreger Cars. I’m selling this car because I have purchased a Kreger Class 1 car that my
team will be racing instead of class 10. I’d love to keep her sitting in the shop, but alas, its just too much
to worry about and I need the money to dump into my new class 1 program.
Kreger cars are hands down the lightest Class 10 race car in the desert. None other can even come close
to a Kreger when it comes to weight, which is incredibly important to a Class 10 race car. On top of being
light they are tough as nails! Just get into the rough stuff and watch, you will catch everyone. Those of
us who own Kreger cars always say “The Rougher the better”. Kreger Fabrications designs are just
incredible and so well thought out, and the quality of workmanship is apparent, you can see that those
who built the car, mostly Derek Kreger himself, take great pride in every weld, nut and bolt.
Once you have been racing a while you tend to not care as much about how sexy your race car looks, or
the lines they exhibit… Love it or hate it… the Kreger Car is the best looking Race Buggy in the desert. I
remember I was in Baja Racing bikes and I came across Jon Walkers Class 1 race car down there. I
couldn’t get it out of my head, so when I started looking to get into 4 wheel racing, the Kreger was the
first car I thought about. The lines and look of the car were the original reason I even called Derek Kreger
for the first time, I just really liked how Kreger Cars look. I have also driven many different brands, many
of which are amazing cars… but the Kreger Car is the one I always settled on.
In the pictures you will see a couple pictures with the panels on the car. These panels are incredible, and each
can be removed in 1 minute flat, by yourself. If your team is a proficient team, they can have the cars
panels completely removed in less than 60 seconds, this includes the roof, hood, side panels, engine
panels, and so on. Its just so well thought out its unbelievable.

Any chips or damage you see on the panels will be completely repaired by the time you see this ad. I’m
having the panels stripped and sanded and resurfaced so they look like they are a high gloss white paint.
So, they will be near perfect if you happen to come look the car over. BTW, the panels are so light, but
some prefer not to have them, mostly to help loose a bit more weight, but honestly they are really light.
As for what equipment the car has, please go through the detailed list below for a comprehensive list of
the cars equipment. There are likely a few items that could be updated to help make the car even faster.

1. Fully Prepped- Kreger Race Support completed a full prep. There is only 100 miles on the prep,
including Shake Down miles. I call it a Level 2 Race Prep. All CV’s replaced, Heim’s Replaced,
Bushings replaced, Shocks rebuilt, HUB bearings replaced or repacked, Transmission fully
prepped, Engine taken out and all fluids replaced, Clutch Replaced, Wheels aligned, and fully
washed down. I know there is way more to it than that, but the car drives like new every time
Kreger Preps the car, as it should.
2. Kreger Tube Frame- Class 10 Race car frame (Score tagged, and BITD Legal and ready to race)
3. Kreger Arms- Kreger Class 10 Trailing ARMs and A-Arms. These arms arnt brand new, but are in
good condition and have A LOT of life left in them.
4. Kreger HUBS - Kreger HUBs are incredible and allow for extreme travel in a small package
5. Kreger Design- The incredible design of the Kreger Hubs, boots, and Arms allow this car to have
a Whopping 24 inches of Travel on all 4 corners of the car. Very few class 10 cars to this day
have a full 24 inches of travel up front and in the rear.
6. King Shocks- 3.0 Triple Bypass on all 4 corners.
a. I have seen so many cars over the years pulled over due to their shocks overheating. We
are a top class 10 team and haven’t ever had this issue. I’m not sure why, or if its due to
my driving style, or the car doing a better job at cooling the reservoirs.
b. One item I do think would make this car faster is bigger 3.5 Shocks in the front and rear.
There is a tradeoff in weight… but I would personally like to try it. The problem for me is
I have never had an issue with the handling of the car, as its tuned great for me, and we
do make small adjustment depending on the race, but its hard to spend 25 grand on
new 3.5 shocks to see if they are better or not. I believe the only difference you may
ever see is the very bottom end of hard hits to the shocks, which don’t happen all the
time anyways.

7. King Shocks- 3.0 Spring custom built for a Kreger Car.
8. Engine- The engine is the latest and greatest in Class 10.
a. Wiks Direct Injection 2.4 Ecotec tuned and tagged by Wiks himself. I have 600
documentable race miles on this engine. I can prove it if needed. This engine is just
getting broken in at 600 miles.
b. I know Ecotec engines stay pretty cool anyways, but there are some races that are really
hard on even an Ecotec, I have seen plenty other class 10 cars pulled over due to
overheating. This car will NEVER overheat. The radiator is directly in the path of air on
this car, and it’s a deep radiator, and Kreger also fabricated a system that can handle 2
liters of extra coolant that the engine can call on if needed.

9. Transmission- Fortin Sequential 6 speed (No lift Shift) Transmission with 100 documentable
miles on the rebuild of the tranny. (Maintained by Daniel Folts). This Tranny is widely known as
the best transmission a Class 10 race car can have. I have NEVER had 1 issue with this tranny. Its
bullet Proof and Amazing.
10. CV’s & Axles- 934 CV’s… The big ones. Never break an axle, ever! The CV’s are also the highest
quality steel CV’s money can buy.
11. ECU- Motec Engine Computer that is fully programmable. I had the life computer, but it was
junk compared to this computer, but Motec comes at a cost.
12. Dash Display- Motec Dash display that has all the goodies and is completely programmed with
all buttons and panels on the dash. The Motec Control unit controls all lighting, fuel pumps,
etc… at the touch of a button. The motec display also has everything on display and allows you
to scroll through all engine info such as LAMBDA, RPM, etc. It can be programmed to tell you
when to shift, and can also monitor tire PSI, and will also let you know when something is out of
13. Fuel- The Motec is programmed to use Sonoco E-85 race fuel, and I’m pretty sure it can also
sense when non-E-85 fuel is being used and the Motec ECU will automatically switch programs…
I have to double check on this, but we never have anything in the car except E85, so I honestly
cant remember.
14. Fuel Tank- 35 Gallon Race Legal fuel tank. Replaced approx. 2 years ago. We replaced it to get a
few more gallons in the car.
15. Speed Limiter- Speed Limited adjustable Switch and knob (never get hit for speeding in the pits
again). 3 Settings… 25 MPH, 28 MPH, and 60 MPH.
16. Fuel System- 2 High grade fuel pumps… Pump A is the main Pump, and pump B is the backup
pump. The fuel pumps are independently controlled by the Motec Dash.
All Fuel Lines are Steel Braided Teflon lined hoses, all professionally cut and mounted to
terminate with special race grade, and good looking, Aluminum fittings. Making it sooo easy to
swap parts in and out. The Teflon hosing lasts much longer than the normal tubing as E-85 fuel is
tough on rubber and plastics.
a. Another way I believe some speed can be gained is by tuning the engine to use E-96 race
fuel. It won’t add much, but it will give an edge with a light car like this, especially on
shorter style race courses.

17. Wheels & Tires- Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Huge advantage when racing. Honestly, we
haven’t really needed to use it with the new BFG KR3 tires we have been using.
a. Car to come with 10 Brand New 35-inch BFG KR3 Tires will come with the car.
b. I will also send a bunch of used tires that are still very much good which we use as
spares and front tires very often.
c. OMF Wheels- I had OMF Custom Make 10 Forged and Machined Aluminum Wheels.
Believe it or not we saved 4 to 5 pounds of rotating mass, on each corner, when
compared to Method wheels, we had been running before. These Wheels are 5.5 inches
wide and I can’t recall the offset.
d. The OMF wheels are also modular, which means if one side bends or breaks you can
replace it. They have been incredible for us on this car and we instantly noticed the car
was faster with them.

e. I’m very loyal to BFG… however, I do believe the tensor tires would add some speed and
HP to the ground over the BFG tires… but again, there is always a tradeoff. The Tensor
tires are amazing, and fast, but they go flat far more often than the BFG KR3 tires. I had
a seasons were we didn’t even get a flat tire during the race, and that’s incredible. It
shows how good BFG is at what they do, and these KR3 tires also handle incredible.
18. Steering- We use a Howe Steering Rack which was also replaced last year, but only because I
had another car that needed a new steering rack, so I gave it to this car and took the old one off
to put it on the other car. I only put the best on this car.
a. MOMO Suede Steering Wheel.
b. Extra Steering Pump stowed behind the driver’s right side of the seat and it will remain
with the car.
c. Tie Rods are 1-inch Chromoly steel, and are also powder coated to match the Arms. I
have never bent a tie rod on this car as they are incredibly strong.
i. I have a spare Tie Rod, and used to carry it on the car until I found they never
have issues.

d. I have literally never had a steering issue on this car. It can pound through the roughest
terrain you can think of and you will be driving with 1 finger if you want.
e. Extra Large Power Steering Fluid Reservoir.
19. Electrical System- The wiring/electrical of Kreger cars is one of the items that has always
separated them from the rest.
a. Kreger has a wiring harness built for all its race cars. This harness fits the car perfect. All
wires to the engine, in the dash, to the batteries, and so on are all the perfect
measurement and spliced and shrunk wrapped to look down right pretty.
b. Cannon Cable Plugs are placed at all Major Terminations of the wiring, like at the
engine, dash, lights, and so on. To remove the Dash you simply twist the cannon plug
and unplug it, and then pull the dash off! The same goes for the Engine, Light bar, and
coms system. Its perfect.
c. Extra 1 wire Alternator stowed under the hood of the car will also come with the car.
20. Communications- Once again, this car has pretty much the best (Except for a satellite radio
system) that money can buy.
a. 110 Watt Kenwood in the dash radio. This thing is incredible, it can handle most race
b. PCI Trax Intercom for the Driver & Copilot. This system has a driver isolate button as
well as an incredible sound filter that helps block out anything but voice. Last of all it is
Bluetooth compatible, so you can pump in some tunes during the race.
c. No Ground Plane antenna.. This is only 12 inches tall, and its incredible. Custom cut for
this race car so it gets perfect reception.

21. On Board Storage- Hostile Bags are the primary way you can store parts, tools, food, water and
First Aid items. Not pictured… but I will send all the custom made Hostile Bags. They are
specifically made to fit in between the tubes of the cars frame. The tool bag sits below the co-
pilots feet.
a. The Car has a nifty way of stowing an emergency breaker bar. On the right of the co-
pilot, and its not pictured.

22. Safety – This car is race ready, and should pass any Tech Inspection. It has the following safety
a. New Parker Pumper- We just had our pumper give up the ghost, so we just replaced it
and its filer.
b. Impact 5 Point seat belt Harness with camlocks.
c. Sun Visor.
d. Mastercraft window netting.
e. Mastercraft Suspension seats.
f. Lowrance GPS- Touch and Split Screen.
g. First Aid Kit.
h. Race Rated Kevlar Fuel Cell.
i. Anti-Spill Ball Valve on fuel tank if you find yourself upside down.
j. 1 of all major spare parts.
k. Stop Lights, Running Lights and Rear Amber Flashing Light Bar.
l. Triangles for being stopped.
m. I finally took the time to find a horn that people can hear… well, it works better, but
not perfect.

23. Lighting- This car has the ability to control all lighting separate via the motec dash control unit.
Just the touch of a button, and the best part is the Motec Dash control unit is completely
a. Baja Designs LP 9 Amber Front Lights. Since I have had these I haven’t had much need
for the light bar, unless it’s a true night race.
b. Baja Designs built in hood lights. These are programmed to flash back and forth to
better help your crew identify when you are coming in to pit… or if you are down for
mechanical repairs.
c. Baja Designs quick mount light bar.

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