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lights - lots of used & new - Hella, PIAA, etc.

ID#125602Date posted:May 28

For Sale  $see ad

Got quite a few lights to part with. Some used & some new. Note: all Hella 4k's in the pic already sold!

*****1st pair are hella 3000's. From what I can tell they are just like a 4000 but with a plastic body. They are used & I have 2 lights but only 1 cover. The lens looks like a cornering pattern, but output is more similar to the spot pattern. Lights are $120 ea online. Asking $150 for the pair.

*****Next I have a single Hella 4000 compact in the spot pattern. These are just like the 4000's with metal housing, etc. but physically smaller. This is brand new in the box (cover included). Although the box is fairly beat up. I put a regular Hella 4000 in the pic for size reference. These are $98 ea on Amazon. Asking $65

*****Next I have 5 - Hella 500s. Only 2 covers though. These are used but in good shape. Asking $120 for the 5.

*****Next up are the PIAAs. I have 3 pairs (6 lights total). All are brand new in the box.

*****I have 2 pairs of the PIAA 80 Pro XTs. These are 7", 120w halogen in a metal housing & come with covers & wiring kit. Asking $200 per pair

*****Last I have 1 pair of the PIAA 80 Pro. These are a spot pattern in a 7" light & utilize an H4 halogen bulb with a 135w high/90w low installed. Put in a 100w/55w combo h4 & run these as headlights in an F-100 or vintage truck. These are also a metal housing & come with covers & wiring kit. Asking $225 for the pair.

I am in North Huntington Beach less then 5 minutes from Camburg. Nearest cross streets are Edwards & Warner.

2wd Toyota picked long travel

ID#125597Date posted:May 28

For Sale  $2,000

Rigid Industries radius light bar

ID#125594Date posted:May 27

For Sale  $0

Dry sump oil pumps

ID#125576Date posted:May 26

For Sale  $400-600

None  Wulff raceline

Bilstien shocks

ID#125574Date posted:May 26

For Sale  $100

ISO: 99-06 fiberglass front and rear

ID#125570Date posted:May 26

Wanted  $300


4-Link Pockets

ID#125566Date posted:May 26

For Sale  $400

Desert Dynamics 4 Seater Chassis

ID#125561Date posted:May 26

For Sale  $1200 OBO

Diesel Fuel Cell

ID#125560Date posted:May 26

For Sale  $100

0000  Bell

King 2.5 Coil Springs 700lb NEW

ID#125558Date posted:May 26

For Sale  $180

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